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Making a Title Screen

Golden Krone Hotel is nearing release on Early Access and it’s gonna need an honest-to-goodness title screen. I think I’ve come up with something pretty cool, so here’s a post showing how it was done. click to embiggen I’m often overwhelmed when I see big pixel art pieces. I hope breaking it down step by step..

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Conceits and Deceits in Her Story

If you’re the kind of person that has ever used the phrase “but it’s not a game,” you should stop reading immediately and go play a real game instead. Her Story stands proudly in that “Not Game” category. The obvious comparison is Gone Home, but Her Story jumps right past the exploration of physical spaces into..

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Hi. I’m Jeremiah and this is the blog for Golden Krone Hotel, a roguelike about sunlight, stealth, and vampires. I plan to talk about Golden Krone Hotel specifically, but also roguelikes and game design in general. Check out the trailer and if you like it, please vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. If you..

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