4-way vs 8-way movement

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Golden Krone Hotel was initially designed around 4-way movement, but optional 8-way movement was added later. Players often ask if these two ways of movement are balanced and the answer is kind of. Each comes with its own pros and cons.


  • You can only be "surrounded" by 4 monsters
  • It generally takes longer for enemies to approach you in open areas
  • Easier to dodge directional spells
  • Firestorm is more advantageous when cast on diagonals
  • Likewise, revolver shots are perfectly safe from diagonals


  • More directions available to aim spells and therefore a lot more danger from spell casters
  • Easier to grab blood pools (same applies to enemy vampires)
  • Easier to get past a small number of enemies
  • Travel time is slightly reduced in open areas
  • Sunlight can be dodged more often