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The Baths are accessible from Floors 3-5. This branch has a 50% chance of appearing each game.

The Baths contain magical drinking fountains that act as identified, one-time use potions.

It should be fairly easy to avoid ordinary monsters here such as Sharks and Eels that are restricted to pools of water. Harpies may attack but only if you are already near another monster. The real danger comes when facing the bosses...



In one pool you will find four Rusalki. If you can hear and see a Rusalka, it will "entrance" you. Once entranced, you will involuntarily take 2 steps closer to the Rusalki pool for every other action you take.

Each Rusalki is manageable on its own, but if they lure you in all four can attack you. If submerged, you'll take a speed penalty as well. This fight is doubly dangerous for vampires because of water vulnerability.

Potions of Silence, Blinding, or Clarity will prevent the effects of being entranced.