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The Laboratory is accessible from Floors 6-9. It leads to either the Workshop or the Watchtower. The Laboratory has a 50% chance to appear in each game. It consists of 2 distinct levels.

In each level of the Laboratory, time is warped. Time crystals are scattered throughout allowing you to completely freeze time.

The Laboratory is the only branch to have moving beams of light like the hotel proper.

Laboratory 1

Time is sped up by 10x on the first level, the same effect as an Acceleration potion.

There are many, many side effects from the acceleration:

  • Beams of sunlight move lightning fast and night follows quickly after day
  • Hunger is much more of an issue
  • Health and mana regenerate much faster
  • Vamp bar increases faster
  • Status effects are gone sooner
  • Blood dries up after a single turn
  • Vampire health loss is amplified

All of these properties end up making Laboratory 1 much easier for humans as long as hunger is managed.

Laboratory 2

Time is slowed down by 10x on the second level, the same effect as a Deceleration potion.

It has the following effects:

  • Beams of sunlight move at a snail's pace
  • Hunger is hardly a concern
  • Health and mana regenerate much slower
  • Vamp bar increases slower
  • Status effects can last hundreds of turns
  • Blood is around for plenty of turns
  • Vampire health loss is negligible

Laboratory 2 is slightly easier for vampires.