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Vampires are fast and strong fighters, but they have two big weaknesses: sunlight and water. If vampires step over blood, they will drink it to gain health. You can quickly de-escalate a fight with vampires by using a Blood potion and turning vamp yourself.

Grunt.png Grunt: One of the lowliest enemies in the game, but fast.

Devourer.png Devourer: Teleports to and immediately drinks blood to heal.

Hawker.png Hawker: Functions as a shop and is not aggressive (in previous versions, Hawkers had the same aggro mechanics as other vampires).

Brawler.png Brawler: Lumbering vampires that can throw you one tile.

Knight.png Knight: A vampire with very high resistances which is most easily killed by sunlight.

Noble.png Noble: A high level vampire that will go out of its way to move to blood tiles in the middle of combat to heal.


Humans are fairly slow and weak, but they cast powerful magic. Like most enemies, humans cannot see in the dark. Drinking a Soul Elixir around humans will instantly make them friendly to you.

Mercenary.png Mercenary: The weakest human opponent. Casts one of the following Level 1 spells: FIRESTORM, ICE or SHOCK.

Marauder.png Marauder: A stronger and more durable version of the Mercenary. Casts the same Level 1 spells, but with a higher cast rate than Mercenaries.

Hunter.png Hunter: A mid level human that casts ENRAGE.

Artificer.png Artificer: The only human that can become aggressive against human players (if you attack their golems). They can create golems and buff them.

Solomonar.png Solomonar: A dangerous wizard who casts Level 3 spells. They always know the Glow spell, but also one of the following (which is denoted by their robe color): FIRESTORM, ICE, SHOCK, or HEAL.


Golems are extremely slow, but heavy hitting. Being held together by magical electricity, all golems are healed by the ELECTRIC type. But they are also the only monster type vulnerable to BLAST damage. Golems do not bleed.

Lapis-golem.png Lapis Golem: A basic golem made of lapis lazuli that can prove to be deadly early on if underestimated.

Sunstone-golem.png Sunstone Golem: A golem composed of stone that emits sunlight. The radius of the sunlight repeatedly expands outwards and then resets.

Ice-golem.png Ice Golem: Attacks with ICE damage, which can slow you. Ice Golems have poor resistances against SUNLIGHT, WATER, and FIRE.

Electric-golem.png Electric Golem: Attacks with ELECTRIC damage and casts SHOCK.

Ruby-golem.png Ruby Golem: A golem composed of ruby which is far stronger than all others.

Magma-golem.png Magma Golem: Attacks with FIRE and healed by FIRE. This high level golem leaves pools of lava in its path.

Plants & Fungi

These enemies are generally not threats, but they have a few tricks up their sleeves. They do not bleed.

Green-man.png Green Man: A half man, half plant. When hit by SUNLIGHT (which heals them) they grow much stronger. Green Men turn into Husks upon death from which a Red, Blue, or Green Toadstool grows.

Elder-greenman.png Elder Green Man: A high level Green Man. Turns into a Death Husk upon death from which a Death Cap Toadstool grows.

Blue-toadstool.png Blue Toadstool: Toadstools only move at night, but they are always active. Blue ones cast a MIASMA that causes delusion.

Red-toadstool.png Red Toadstool: Casts a MIASMA that causes confusion.

Yellow-toadstool.png Yellow Toadstool: Casts a MIASMA that causes poison.

Deathcap-toadstool.png Death Cap Toadstool: Stronger than other Toadstools. Casts a MIASMA that causes heavy poison.


The hotel is crawling with all sorts of hostile beasts. Many do POISON damage and most are good sources of blood.

Bat.png Bat: Bats are more annoying than else. They flitter around you with weak, but fast attacks. Flying.

Toad.png Toad: Toads jump around randomly and attack you with their tongue from 2 tiles away.

Poisontoad.png Poison Toad: A toad this is sometimes poisonous.

Wolf.png Wolf: Wolves are not particularly strong, but they usually travel in packs. Wolves are friendly to you when you have Lycanthropy.

Bee.png Bee: Much like the bat, Bees can be hard to hit. They will try to poison you and if they do, they die immediately. Flying.

Killer-bee.png Killer Bee: A much more aggressive type of bee, but this one doesn't lose its stinger. Flying.

Baby-spider.png Baby Spider: On its own, a harmless little spider. Its poison can stun you, however.

Wolf-spider.png Wolf Spider: A huge spider that explodes into Baby Spiders upon death.

Field-viper.png Field Viper: Vipers are extremely fast and can sense your movements, even around corners. They do POISON damage.

Sand-viper.png Sand Viper: A deadlier version of the Field Viper.

Rat-soldier.png Rat Soldier: One of the weakest enemies. A safe way to get blood for vampires.

Rat-assassin.png Rat Assassin: A mid level enemy that also does POISON damage.

Eel.png Eel: An aquatic enemy that casts SHOCK.

Crocodile.png Crocodile: Crocodiles are huge monsters that are easy to escape from on land. Be careful around water though! They can drag you into water where they get a speed boost and you get a speed penalty.

Lavacroc.png Lava Croc: A variant of the ordinary crocodile that is immune to fire and will try to pull you into lava.

Shark.png Shark: Sharks are very, very fast and dangerous if you meet them in water.

Monkey.png Monkey: Monkeys try to steal a potion and then hop away.

Tiger.png Tiger: Tigers will leap next to and attack the player simultaneously.

Polarbear.png Polar Bear: Polar bears are fast in water and graceful on ice.

Yeti.png Yeti: A somewhat slow monster that throws snowballs.

Elephant.png Elephant: Elephants will trample the player, pushing them and dealing massive damage if the player is against a wall.


Goblin.png Goblin: Neither fast nor strong, Goblins are one of the least threatening enemies in the hotel.

Goblin-anarchists.png Goblin Anarchists: They explode upon death or even randomly when next to you. Best killed from a distance.

Moroi.png Moroi: An extremely dangerous foe that darkens the area around it and performs PSYCHIC attacks from a distance. Flying.

Gorgon.png Gorgon: Their GAZE turns you into stone, so they can BLAST you.

Skeleton.png Skeleton: A small skeleton that is somewhat vulnerable to BLAST.

Greater-skeleton.png Greater Skeleton: Turns into bones when destroyed, which will quickly respawn as a Skeleton.

Balaur.png Balaur: The fastest enemy around. If they catch you, you are very likely doomed, but luckily they can only see in darkness.

Prismatic-mass.png Prismatic Mass: Every attack is a random damage type. Flying.

Naiad.png Naiad: Water spirit that wields a deadly combo of TEMPEST and GLACIATE. Flying.

Gargoyle.png Gargoyle: A flying enemy that turns itself into stone.

Harpy.png Harpy: A fast, flying enemy that will only fight you if other enemies are nearby.

Bigsludge.png Big Sludge: Sludges leave behind toxic sludge piles that explode into poison when stepped on. Big Sludges split when they have less than 2/3 hp.

Mediumsludge.png Medium Sludge: Medium Sludges split when they have less than 2/3 hp.

Smallsludge.png Small Sludge: A weak sludge that cannot be split further.


Demons are the strongest regular enemies in the game. When they bleed, they bleed Demon Blood which heals vampires (even overhealing them) and grants them demonic abilities.

Imp.png Imp: The weakest of the demons and the only one to be found outside of the underworld. Deals FIRE damage.

Demon-bat.png Demon Bat: A demonic version of an ordinary bat. They can drain health when attacking. Flying.

Demon-toad.png Demon Toad: A demonic version of an ordinary toad. Attacks with FIRE damage.

Demon-viper.png Demon Viper: A demonic viper whose attack causes poison, confusion, and delusion simultaneously.

Demon-ghoul.png Demon Ghoul: A demonic spirit who normally leaves you alone, but will attack when you're under full health. Deal PSYCHIC damage.

Steel-demon.png Steel Demon: This demon hits really hard and does not bleed.