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Your XP Level starts at 1 and caps out at 15. Your Level affects several of your stats including your maximum HP, maximum Mana, Attack, Accuracy, and Evasion. You get to select 1 primary stat upgrade when leveling up.


Speed affects how fast you can move or perform actions. If a monster has 20 speed and your speed is 10, that monster will be able to take an action on average 2 times as often as you can take an action. The actual effect of monster speed is variable however, ranging from 50%-150% of their base speed. The result is that kiting slow monsters is never perfectly safe and even monsters that are your same speed will sometimes appear to take an extra turn or skip a turn.

You get a +2 Speed bonus when in vampire or werewolf forms.


Contributes to your Attack and Defense stats. Also, you get a 1.5% damage reduction for each point of strength in excess of 10.

You get a 50% Strength bonus when in vampire or werewolf forms.


Contributes to your Accuracy and Evasion stats.


Affects your maximum Mana and the power, success rate, and hunger cost of spells. Intelligence also defends against PHYSIC damage.

Each additional point in Intelligence gives 3 maximum Mana and halves the failure rate of spells (or if the failure rate is above 50%, doubles the success rate).


Determines how much damage you will deal in physical attacks. This base amount of damage will be 75%-125% (or 200% for critical hits) of your Attack before considering enemy defenses.

Melee Attack = Strength + Level/2 + Sword

Ranged Attack = 8 + Revolver*2


Defense protects you from melee, ranged, and magical attacks. Damage is mitigated first by your Defense stat (blocking at most 75% of the incoming damage) followed by resistances followed by percent damage reduction from Strength.

Defense = Strength/2 + (Plate + Leggings + Shield)/3

Note that your Sword and Shield gear levels are considered 0 when not in human form!


Accuracy helps you land melee and ranged attacks against enemies. When determining if a hit lands, two dice are rolled for Accuracy of the attacker and two dice for Evasion of the target. If the Accuracy is higher, it is a hit but otherwise a miss.

Accuracy = 1 + Level/2 + Dexterity


Evasion helps you dodge melee and ranged attacks. Magic cannot be dodged.

Evasion = 5 + Level + Dexterity/2 - Size*2

Normally, your Size is 2. Bat form results in Size 0. Werewolf form gives Size 3. The Big status doubles your Size.


There are 10 elemental types. Having a higher resistance to one of them means less damage and less chance of deleterious status effect from that type.

  • PHYSICAL: The most common damage type.
  • POISON: Has a chance to cause a variety of status effects depending on the enemy: Poison, Stunned, Confusion, Delusion, Heavy Poison
  • FIRE: Has a chance to cause Burning.
  • ICE: Has a chance to cause Slow.
  • ELECTRIC: It's electric damage!
  • PSYCHIC: This type of damage is mitigated by your Intelligence instead of your Defense. Has a chance to cause Vulnerable, one of the most dangerous status effects in the game.
  • BLAST: Most enemies are immune, but golems are not.
  • MOONLIGHT: A rare element that turns Shapeshifters and certain humans into werewolves. Most enemies are immune.
  • SUNLIGHT: Most enemies are immune, but vampires are not.
  • WATER: Most enemies are immune, but vampires are not.

Your resistances can change through status effects, rings, and form. Keep a close eye on your resistances (accessible through the Character Sheet). Here are the levels of resistance and their effects:

  • + Vulnerable: extra 50% damage, 80% chance of status effect
  • ++ Somewhat resistant: baseline, 40% chance of status effect
  • +++ Moderately resistant: 25% reduced damage, 20% chance of status effect
  • ++++ Strongly resistant: 50% reduced damage, 10% chance of status effect
  • +++++ Immune: 0% damage, 0% chance of status effect
  • ++++++ Healed by: 33% of damage as healing, 0% chance of status effect


Your primary strategic decision will be how to manage your Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. First consider min maxing.

All Strength is going to help you hit like a tank (but still miss a lot) and eat a lot of damage (but fail to dodge a lot). Strength is your best defense against magic since it cannot be dodged.

All Dexterity will allow you to evade most opponents and land most attacks. Your damage output with revolver will be high. You will usually be able to avoid a lot of bad status effects like poison. Dexterity is probably the strongest stat in the early game.

All Intelligence will lock you into playing a magic user. You'll effortlessly cast high level spells with an insane amount of damage but you'll be extremely susceptible to close range combat. Playing in vampire form with all Intelligence will be exceedingly difficult.

A balance of stats will work well. Put in enough Dexterity to get a good hit rate, especially early on, and enough Intelligence to cast the spells you want to cast. The rest is up to you.