If you're looking for a thematically strong, clever
traditional roguelike, look no further. Top stuff.
-Adam Smith (Rock Paper Shotgun)



Q: What is Golden Krone Hotel?
A: It's a turn-based roguelike about killing vampires with sunlight and becoming a vampire yourself.
Q: What's a roguelike?
A: Roguelikes are games with randomly generated levels, brutal difficulty, and permadeath (you always start over from the beginning when you die). Though the genre has expanded in recent years to include more action elements, Golden Krone Hotel sticks to the traditional genre roots with its turn-based gameplay.
Q: Lots of roguelikes have vampires. So what?
A: Sure, but most feel like simple stat tweaks. In Golden Krone Hotel, you're required to play as both human and vampire in every run. Each feels very distinct. Vampires can see in darkness and drink blood to regenerate, but they're extremely vulnerable to sunlight and water. Humans can cast magic and wield weapons, but they're frail compared to vampires.